Peachtree Clown Alley
(PCA) of Atlanta GA

Peachtree Clown Alley - General Info:

This page is dedicated to providing information about the PCA; for its members, and those interested in the PCA. Visit our FaceBook Page too.

Our "Mission"

The purpose of the Peachtree Clown Alley (PCA) is to promote clowning and clown knowledge to its members and the general public within the Atlanta and surrounding areas. To spread happiness and joy to children of ALL ages. Some of our members perform clowning as a hobby, and so are happy to volunteer their services to events sponsored by nonprofit organizations.

Hire A Clown for your Special Party!

While Clowning is a fun and rewarding hobby, many clowns pursue their craft as a business. Some PCA members perform clowning for profit. Please click on the Member Info link above for details on what services they provide, and how to contact them.

"Volunteer Clowning"

Many clowns in ourAlley perform just for the "Fun of It". They put on shows or attend events for community programs or nonprofit organizations (for "free" or "donations") to benefit children of ALL ages.

Support for an event or activity is based upon availability of clowns. Please provide a written (e-mail OK) request for the activity 5 weeks in advance of the date needed.

Requests for support should contain a minimum of the following information: date(s), time(s), location(s), purpose(s), expected turnout, a single point-of-contact (with phone and e-mail info.), In-place time (for a parade), and what kind of support you wish to have donated, (how many clowns desired and what kind of acts you feel would help your activity).

New members are welcome!

Why Join PCA?

If you belong to the Peachtree Clown Alley, you belong to a brotherhood / sisterhood of those who love to entertain others. PCA clowns assist each other, helping new (and old) members alike to become better clowns, better entertainers, better people.

What you get when you join?

If you wish more information, e-mail our 2nd VP (Membership)!

Continuing Clown Education

The Continuing Clown Education Program is a program whereby the PCA brings in numerous professional clowns to teach and / or demonstrate different aspects of the art of clowning.

Membership Info:

The annual membership fee for the PCA is $25.00 for the first member of a family, and $15.00 per year for each additional family member.

(New members: If you are joining after January, subtract $1 per month. For example. Join in June, pay $20)

You may get a membership form here to print out and bring to a meeting. Membership Form (file to download)


The "Rules" of Clowning (???)

As an Alley, we are responsible to our members and our public to act as professionals, even when we are performing as a hobby. And so, we have agreed to certain rules of behavior, both for clown organization, and for individual clowns.

Or, if you wish, you may click here, Bylaws (file to Download) to download a file (in Microsoft Word 2000 format).

Clowning Code of Ethics

Take a look at a sample Code Of Ethics for Clowning activities

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